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Access to thousands of students.

JumpOffCampus has partnered with dozens of universities and colleges around the country to become their official off-campus housing resource. This means that thousands of students use JumpOffCampus each year to find an apartment, house, or room. Check out our full listing of partnered schools here.

Johnson & Wales University Off Campus Housing


Gorgeous listings.

Easily create beautiful listings for students, as well as anyone else you'd like to share them with. Upload as many photos as you'd like, in the highest resolution you've got (we even prefer huge pictures). Click here to check our prices.

Free analysis on every listing.

To make sure that your listings are top notch, we built our listing analyzer. It's a free tool that you can run on any JumpOffCampus listing to get actionable advice. We'll check it for common mistakes, ensure you didn't miss anything, and even run it through a price analysis. Your listings on JumpOffCampus will be great (and well-priced).



Never worry about managing leads.

Every lead you get through JumpOffCampus is automatically tracked in our lead management system, the Inbox. We'll save a copy of each message, and who sent it, so you never have to worry about who's who. We'll also send a copy of everything to your email, so you never have to worry.

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